Welcome to The Collab Metairie

This is your home base where you'll find everything you need for a successful visit!

  1. Portable LED lights and light remotes (string & mirror LED) are in the basket on top of the refrigerator.

  2. The string lights are dimmable. The portable & mirror LEDs can be set to your desired color. Use the remotes to control them.

  3. For sound, turn on the speaker with the power switch on the back. You should hear a tone. Next, connect your device via Bluetooth: SP-2100RBT. You should hear a connect tone.

*Please do not adjust the volume or other settings on the speaker itself. Use your device to control volume.

Lighting and Sound

lighted vintage light bulbs
lighted vintage light bulbs
white ceramic teapot on white wooden box
white ceramic teapot on white wooden box
  1. To unlock the door: Swipe your finger across the digital pad to light up the key display. Enter your 4-digit access code followed by pound (#).

  2. Set your preferred lighting. Arrange tables, chairs, other furniture, window/mirror coverings as desired. Tablecloths are in the TV cabinet.

  3. Please do not drag furniture. Please do not use strong adhesive, screws, nails, etc. that will damage walls or furnishings and please do not use glitter, confetti, or loose beads.

  4. Flip the door stopper in just before event starts so guests can freely come and go, otherwise door auto-locks when shut.

When You Arrive

1. Place dirty tablecloths in the provided laundry bin (in lounge). Remove any stuck-on food, trash or debris from the tablecloths before placing in bin.

2. Return furniture, tables, & chairs to original locations. Please do not drag. Please stack tables and chairs on the pallets securely.

3. Turn off LEDs, string lights & speaker – return all items to basket.

4. Remove food, beverages & decor brought in, including from refrigerator.

5. Clean up visible food, drink spills & debris. If needed, cleaning products are under the sink. (Please ensure to tighten the child proof cord).

6. Take out trash if full or if food is thrown in bins. Dumpster is at end of parking lot.

7. Turn off all lights, fans, TV, etc.

8. Close the curtains across the mirrors, front windows and door.

To lock up: When leaving, flip the door stopper out, shut door, pull up on handle to lock the dead bolt.

*Please Note - The alarm system will be automatically set at your designated exit time, so please make sure to leave on time to avoid triggering the alarm.

REMINDER: Per the rental agreement, an additional $100/hr. cleaning fee may be charged if extensive cleaning is needed beyond what the pre-paid cleaning fee covers.

Before you go....

Tables and Chairs

  • 6-foot black rectangular tables (11)

  • Folding cocktail tables (4)

  • Black fitted tablecloths

  • Folding banquet chairs (60)

Sound System, TV, Microphones

  • Fans, string lights, LED party lights

  • Lift top coffee table with power/USB

  • Smart TV & HDMI cable (in coffee table basket)

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Microphones (in basket above refrigerator)

  • Easel, whiteboard/markers/eraser

Kitchen, Coffee, Trash Bins

  • Backdrop stand and ring light

  • Refrigerator & small microwave

  • Utility sink

  • Rolling bar

  • Trash bins and bags

What we provide...

We are on W. Esplanade Ave between Clearview and Transcontinental on the Veterans side. We are in The Avenue strip center, Suite 101, next door to Parish Grill.

Parking is available in our lot or surrounding streets.

We recommend adding "The Collab Metairie" to your invitations, so people know what to look for when they arrive!

Directing Your Guests

Network: Collab Metairie_Guest

Password: GoodVibes!

*Note - the more devices on this network, the less available bandwidth which will affect speed and connectivity. Please keep connected devices to a minimum.

WiFi Password


Business by the Hour: Businesses may cancel up to 7 days prior to reservation for a refund minus a 20% service fee. No cancellations within 7 days of reservation.

Business Weekly/Monthly: Businesses leasing on a monthly basis require a 60-day written notice before a complete move-out. Recurring schedule changes require a 30-day notice and are subject to availability.


Free cancellation with written notice 30 days or more prior to reservation. 50% of total reservation remains payable to The Collab for cancellations less than 30 days prior to reservation. No cancellations less than 14 days prior to reservation.

Complete copy of RENTAL TERMS

Cancellation Policy

If you need anything...

Call or text!

Rebecca (504) 315-5777