Welcome to The Collab Slidell

We are so glad to have you!

Watch the short video below for an instructional tour of the space.

When you arrive....

white ceramic teapot on white wooden box
white ceramic teapot on white wooden box
  1. Drive around the building to the back door. To unlock the door: Swipe your finger across the digital pad to light up the key display. Enter your 4-digit access code followed by pound (#).

  2. Set your preferred lighting and AC temperature.

  3. Arrange furniture, window and mirror coverings as desired.

  4. If using tables and chairs, arrange as desired.

Before you go....

  1. Set AC to approximately 76 degrees in summer, 65 degrees in winter.

  2. Return furniture, tables and chairs to their storage locations.

  3. Place dirty tablecloths in provided laundry bin.

  4. Remove any food, beverages, decor brought in including from the refrigerator.

  5. Clean up visible spills.

Directing Your Guests

We are located in Northside Plaza Shopping Center (with Planet Fitness and Acquistapace Wine Warehouse). Suite 113, next to Delta College.

We recommend adding "The Collab" to your invitations/event details so that guests know what to look for when they arrive.

What we provide...

We've got your covered with....

6-foot black rectangular tables (8)

Bar height cocktail tables (4)

Black fitted tablecloths

Folding banquet chairs (45)

Coffee supplies with creamer and sugar

Paper Towels

Refrigerator, microwave, utility sink

Trash bins and bags

You may want to bring....

Serving supplies

Cups, plates, napkins if needed

Party decor if desired. (Please do not use any adhesive, nails, etc that will damage walls or furnishings)


Device for playing music (bluetooth compatible)

Bottled water or other beverages

Cancellation Policy


Business by the Hour: Businesses may cancel up to 7 days prior to reservation for a refund minus a 20% service fee. No cancellations within 7 days of reservation.

Business Weekly/Monthly: Businesses leasing on a monthly basis require a 2-payment notice before a complete move-out. Recurring schedule changes require a 30-day notice and are subject to availability.


Free cancellation with written notice 30 days or more prior to reservation. 50% of total reservation remains payable to The Collab for cancellations less than 30 days prior to reservation. No cancellations less than 14 days prior to reservation.

Complete copy of RENTAL TERMS

Lighting and Sound

lighted vintage light bulbs
lighted vintage light bulbs
  1. Dimmable recessed lighting controls located to the left of the front door.

  2. Studio string lighting controls located as soon as you come in the back door, to the right.

  3. For sound, connect any bluetooth device to Soundrover 75

    *Please do not adjust the volume or other settings on the speakers. Use your device to control volume.

  1. Take out trash if full or if any food was put in any of the bins. Dumpster located outside back door.

  1. Turn off lights.

  2. Lock the front door. Exit through the back. The back door will lock automatically after leaving.

If you need anything...

Call or text!

Erica (985) 960-1876